Gayle Mahulette

Gayle Mahulette vanuit Nanjing: Iedereen bedankt voor de steun

So much to say about this trip… First time Worlds and first time to China for me. Experiencing playing in a huge arena surrounded by amazing players and seeing them play top badminton up close. I have met new people, trained with different countries, chatted up with friends I met a long time ago in tournaments and trainingcamps.

Gayle Mahulette WK Badminton 2018 Nanjing

It was also the first time that I started a big crowdfunding campaign to fund this tournament. And it was quite a challenge to work and train hard towards the Worlds, while being active with the campaign a lot: social media, contacting companies and lots of people in my network. *
The amount of support I got from everywhere is unreal! Family and friends, companies, people I know, people I don’t know, people from way back. Not only financial support, but also believing in me, supporting me through messages and sharing my campaign.
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Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre



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